Inconvenient Truth *Not* on YouTube

I finally got around to seeing An Inconvenient Truth on a plane flight* not long ago. It’s very impressive, and sticks pretty closely to the the science. Just after this, it was posted on YouTube in nine 10-minute segments, but by the time I got there it had been taken down again.

As I’ve mentioned before it’s striking how radically the debate changed in Australia over the course of 2006. Both the Gore movie and the Stern Review played a role in this, crystallising a growing awareness of the bogus nature of the “sceptical” position.

Not only have those denying the reality of human-caused global warming lost all credibility but the fallback position of “it’s real but it’s too costly to do anything about it” has also collapsed. There’s ample evidence that the great majority of Australians are willing to pay the modest costs required to stabilise CO2 levels and stop at least the worst consequences of global warming.

* Offset by carbon credits, of course

7 thoughts on “Inconvenient Truth *Not* on YouTube

  1. I agree, it’s been amazing the shift that has happened in 2006. Australia is ready to make the changes required. What is required now is leadership. So I guess we’re screwed.

  2. Information Clearing House (an excellent site, for anyone not familiar) has the “Inconvenient Truth” video here (all 97 mins).

    Howard is busy performing backflips on climate change and David Hicks, so these issues will be old news by the time the election comes around. Given the seriousness of these two issues, are we going to let him get away with it?

  3. Not really John given your sides track record of questioning anything to do with the gobal environment.

    Too bad those individuals that were questioning in the coral reefs and polar bear threads aren’t here to eat some humble pie.

    gandi just shows on nuc’s that he can turn anything to his advantage and he probably will get away with it as long as the moral hip pocket nerve isn’t being hit.

  4. I wonder how it feels to be Al Gore today. Finally seeing all that campaigning pay off after decades. The man must have the patience and faith of a saint.

    It was amazing to find out he had actually been a student of guys who picked up on the issue of global warming all the way back then.

  5. I mean look at what is going on with the Private Public Partnership insanity. True, Felix Rohatyn, now at Lehman Bros. is fronting this crap to the Congress, with his buddy, former Senator Warren Rudman. True Rohatyn got hit hard, and had to shut down his boutique dung hole, Rohatyn, Inc.. True even that Felix Rohatyn did his first public piss job on New York City, in the infamous New York Fiscal Crisis of 1975, and his chairman ship of Big Mac (Municipal Assistant Corporation). PPP is when you take infrastructure, usually already builit, and put it up on the pawn shop, so the tolls can go into someone’s hedge fund hole.

    Where is the big PPP Nazis operating out of now/ Australia and Spain. In good old Australia there is the money machine Macquarie Bank. And did you forget what they did to the new Sydney Harbour tunnel? For more see real crash and
    Real estate crash. Later.

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