Climate change roundup

There’s too much happening on climate change to keep up with it all, so I’ll give some links

* In Crikey, Guy Pearse points out that in 1990 the Liberals had a policy to cut greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade. His book, High and Dry, showed where that all went. If the predicted wipeout occurs, the climate delusionists in the government’s ranks (and in its leadership) will bear a large share of the responsibility.

* The IPCC Fourth Assessment Report is finally complete, and provides a strong call for action. Here’s Howard’s response.

* Giving the lie to regular claims that the EU is not serious about cutting emissions, the EU Parliament has imposed caps on emissions from the airline industry, stronger than those suggested by the EU commission.

* A call for action from Kate Carroll of Greenpeace

* More surprisingly, the same from former NSW Liberal leader, Peter Debnam

58 thoughts on “Climate change roundup

  1. Well Willy, despite my grave misgivings about the Greens and their idealistic approach to government (I far prefer the Democrats and their pragmatic approach – far more responsible and democratic), I will be voting Greens in the Senate this time around, due principally to their appreciation of the climate change issue.

    Now if only they could be a bit more sensible about forestry…

  2. Is it possible to be a climate change affirmationist and still be relaxed and comfortable about the probable consequences of global warming? That is roughly my position.

    I am not all that worked up about temperatures rising by a few degrees and sea levels rising by a few metres…

    Sea level rises are unlikely to be a serious issue in my lifetime (unless greenland or the west antarctic melt in hurry) but I would like to see my kids enjoy the pleasures of the Great Australian Beach well into their adulthood. What value do we as a nation place on our beaches?

    One thing I can’t be relaxed and comfortable about is the desertification of Australia’s food bowl. When I see thousands of mature fruit trees ploughed into the ground, I am less than relaxed, perhaps even alarmed.

  3. I would like to see my kids enjoy the pleasures of the Great Australian Beach well into their adulthood.

    Look on the bright side, carbonsink. They might not have to go as far to get to the beaches.

    There’s also the prospect of the waves rolling in right up the Queensland coast if the great Barrier Reef gives up the ghost.

  4. 1. Quiggin ignores argument and instead directs ad hom attacks at dissenting person.

    2. Dissenting person complains about not being met with a real argument.

    3. Quiggin bans dissenter.

    Business as usual at Quiggin’s.

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