Looking through my wardrobe

I have a lot of T-shirts, almost none of them bought in clothes shops. They celebrate or advertise defunct sporting teams, (mostly) unsuccessful political campaigns, obsolete versions of operating systems and long-gone folk music festivals. What’s in your wardrobe?

23 thoughts on “Looking through my wardrobe

  1. It’s funny. I’ve never had a great deal of luck with many things in life. But the one exception is clothes.

    Many people seem to just give me good quality clothes they no longer want, completely unsolicited. I have a wardrobe full of trousers and shirts, many designer labels, in good condition, which I have never paid a cent for.

    Of course, none of this benevolence gets recorded in those stats on economic inequality. lol.

  2. My problem with clothes is that with each of my (all second hand) purchases I play favourites and it is very hard to wear something that is not most favoured. So I wind up with a large glut of stuff that never gets worn. But I keep the op-shops in turnover I suppose.

  3. A bright orange “Tweetie” t-shirt, a “Dark October” stout promo t-shirt, a CFS Fire squad t-shirt, several tourist t-shirts. Then there is one t-shirt with Green’s functions and other bits and pieces of mathematics from visco-elastic theory (a conference t-shirt), and one of those jackets that is missing the sleeves (another conference piece – quite a good top it is, too). A few old band t-shirts that are falling to bits (ahh, Metallica of old), and what’s left of an extremely well loved old “Buckley’s Chance” (Irish folk) t-shirt. Last but not least, a gifted Kevin ’07 t-shirt – I’m not game to wear it down the street here, it being a country town! (Perhaps I can regift that one…)

  4. What’s in your wardrobe?

    Italian and French designer label suits that I don’t wear anymore, but can’t bring myself to be rid of.

    Things like Zeppelin t-shirts, that have nostalgia value but can’t be worn.

    Plus the stuff that I actually do wear, which I’ll probably toss and replace with more of the same.

    Not to mention the pair of overalls that I was issued by an employer in 1981, and which I still wear whenever I have to do stuff like paint or crawl around under the house.

  5. I always like that Brian Eno line, “The passage of my life is measured out in shirts”. Regrettably true.

    I pulled the CD out recently and have been listening to it. I stands up well. Pity about the production quality, seems worse than the original vinyl.

    Also from the same album, I find this section –

    But if you study the logistics
    And heuristics of the mystics
    You will find that their minds rarely move in a line
    So it’s much more realistic
    To abandon such ballistics
    And resign to be trapped on a leaf in the vine.

    – to be remarkably prescient of blogsphere epistemology.

  6. A heap of collar-less t-shirts do not get worn because it eventually sunk in that as an outside worker, I need to be wearing collared t-shirts. Can’t bring myself to throw out the mambos.

    Also a half dozen pairs of levis which seem to have shrunk around the waist. My wetsuits do the same thing.

  7. A whole lot of cheap rubbish that appeared to be a bargain at the time. Im stingy and mostly clear surplus clothing inventories from sale racks. Due to wardrobe oversupply I recently made a large donation to the op shop. I would like to own a tie dyed Tshirt – does anyone remember how to do it?

  8. My nike T-Shirt with “Just Do It” etched into it. I always ended up with some action some good some (really really) bad. These days I dare not put it on although its associated memories I treasure. I think it had the same affect as the superman outfit had on Clark Kent.

  9. The T-shirt I want for Xmas is;

    “I’m only here because my server’s down.”

    I seem to recall the “Just Do It” t-shirt was answered with;

    “Just Done It.”

    I have no t-shirts with slogans except one about “Brisbane Green Day” or something like that. I’m afraid my t-shirts are as boring as I am. I prefer my paint spattered t-shirts which attest to my slow battle to repaint my house wall by wall, plank by plank, over the years.

  10. My two most memorable items include:

    a 25 year old ALOR (australian lubricating oil refinery) windproof jacket that I still wear every winter (saved from the moths in dad’s cupboard)

    a khaki army surplus t-shirt, home-printed, that has text on the front saying:
    “I made calls on Peter Reith’s telecard.”

  11. My Periodic Table T-shirt is colourful and useful (sometimes). I recently bought a T-shirt which has a quote from Wordsworth, “men who do not wear fine clothes can feel deeply”.

  12. Expensive suits that I don’t dare throw out in case I have to return to work again if my super fund continues to lose value.

  13. My favourite T-shirts are: “Ag 1990 Goes Troppo” celebrating a student tour to North Queensland, with the itinerary on the back like a rock tour (not an inaccurate analogy); the one mapping out our unforgettable Mount Kinabalu climb (also a long time ago); and the one with the sinister claim – “Only left-handed people are in their right mind”.

  14. Am I the only person who refuses to pay big corporations to put their logo on my body?

    If Abercrombie and Fitch or R M Williams or Nike or Microsoft wants to use me as advertising space, they can bloody well pay ME!

  15. No, Jarrett, you are not the only person who refuses to pay big corporations to put their logo on their body. There is also the interesting question of whether or not a t-shirt wearer of a failed company could be charged with false advertising.

  16. On another note,

    He says that when she looks through her wardrobe she concludes that she has nothing to wear… ha, ha.

  17. I still do have to nothing to wear. I would like a lifes a beach Tshirt but I dont want a just do it Tshirt. It made me feel guilty for wanting to do nothing in particular.

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