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  1. Sweet Jesus, it’s started already with the United Food & Commercial Workers ‘Wake Up Wal-Mart’, advocates for a union representing some 1.3 million members from the retail, grocery, packaging and processing sectors. Their month long million dollar TV campaign has started-

    “If you’re thinking of shopping at Wal-Mart this holiday season, there’s a 70% chance the gifts you buy come from Communist China.”

    “America’s largest corporation stocks its shelves with products made in Chinese factories while more and more American factories are forced to shut down. Behind those prices Wal-Mart likes to brag about: countless American jobs lost overseas. In this race to the bottom, Wal-Mart gets ahead, and the middle class gets left behind. America can’t afford it any longer.”

    What will Obama choose given this backdrop? Will he play smart and opt for Nader’s global, level playing field carbon tax proposal, hitting the green ball fairly and squarely back in China’s court? Not a bad move under the economic and political circumstances. Will Rudd be left holding the bag on carbon trading if Obama does?

  2. John

    The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy has started an experiment in consultation they are calling a “blog” on the Digital Economy. Thought you might promote it here as they are struggling to get past a crowd of anti-filterists.


  3. #52 – Verity I think it would be great if the feedback on the internet could move on. However it is hard to take the government offer of consultation seriously when the filter issue has delivered clear feedback which has been ignored. The government needs to prove it is genuine in its call for consultation before the debate can move on.

  4. John, if I may reply to Nick K by saying Joyce seems to think otherwise for according to him ‘there seems to be quite a number of people in the Liberal Party calling for’ split.

  5. Observa-Ubiquity.

    You dont need to go on. I agree with you, the warming is a fraud. Therefore I need your support in my petition to the arctic ice to stop its fraudulent and misleading self-melting at once, along with a strongly worded letter to the laws of physics to start changing their ways.

    Do I have your support or not? Its really upsetting me that you wont give it. Is it because you dont like me?

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