Benefits of blogging

Brad DeLong links to my post on the obsolescence of New Keynesian macro, and concludes

I have to call this one for Krugman, Clark, Akerlof, Shiller, and Quiggin and against Blanchard’s vision of growing knowledge and analytical convergence

I’ve been reasonably successful as Australian academic economists go, but, based on my journal contributions, I would have rated the likelihood of reading the phrase “Krugman, Clark, Akerlof, Shiller, and Quiggin” only marginally higher than that of being romantically linked with Angelina Jolie. Blogging really does have its rewards.

19 thoughts on “Benefits of blogging

  1. Of the to links that you have mentioned (Krugman vs Jolie), which one would you prefer? ;P

  2. Oh well, its a lot better than being described as a proponent of efficient markets 😉

  3. Congratulations on your involvement with Angelina.

    As Brad has discovered you can only trade down now

  4. Would be hard for the Prof to choose…between Krugman and Angelina Jolie. Could be even harder to get over losing Krugman as a friend like that…..

  5. Go John,
    you were the true pioneer of the intelligent Aussie blogsphere, way ahead of Krugman when it comes to blogging. Saying it as it is, offering the honest and impartial opinion, talking about important stuff and no fluff. Blowing against the wind. In that regard you are very similar to Krugman, who at times in 2002-2007 it felt like was the only man standing upright and saying it as it is. Now we just need to get you a Nobel:)

  6. After Nanks, Alice, I would have probably settled for Jolie, too.
    But he is an economist.

  7. Paul – I suspect JQ might have settled for Jolie but in the end he would have driven Jolie crazy by wanting to spend his nights arguing the pros and cons of policy with Krugman…!
    Jolie is actually quite short anyway (cameras lie) so all is probably for the best that JQ stays with the aforementioned. He might of course disagree with my rational assessment…

  8. I really don’t get this fascination with Jolie. I’m probably being a bit superficial (I’ve not seen any of her movies, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever heard her talk) but Jolie seems to be a caricature of herself in a similar fashion to Mick Jagger.

  9. Careful, JQ: William Kininmonth might be quoting you thus:

    “Brad DeLong … concludes … Australian academic … Quiggin … romantically linked with Angelina Jolie.”

  10. 15# JQ says “Blogging really does have its rewards.”

    Agree… It only took a mere 15 comments here.. to get JQ romantically linked with Angelina Jolie!!

  11. I think it should say that Angelina Jolie has been linked with Quiggin, rather than the other way around.

  12. But something makes me think Jolie would produce higher returns and JQ is, after all, an economist.

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