Three Cheers for Judith Troeth

In my last post, I was thinking about the fact that one Liberal willing to cross the floor and combine with Labor, the Greens and Nick Xenophon, would be enough to pass an improved emissions trading scheme. Now, this pattern of votes has combined to repeal the Howard government’s hateful practice, inherited from the Keating Labor government, of charging immigration detainees for their own imprisonment. The sole Liberal was Judith Troeth, and she deserves our heartfelt congratulation.

Alleged Christian Steve Fielding voted, not merely to pass by the other side like the priest and the Levite, but to join the thieves who beat and rob the needy stranger. I incorrectly stated that Steve Fielding voted against the bill. He spoke against, but voted for.

56 thoughts on “Three Cheers for Judith Troeth

  1. @Michael of Summer Hill
    Speaking of insurance premiums Mosh..this year, as usual, my home insurance premium was raised 12% whilst the value insured was only raised 5%.
    Insurance industry ….as notable scammers as large financial institutions…
    In need of more regulation, not less
    And does anyone seriously think carving up Telstra (using regulation) is a bad idea? What was a bad idea was to privatise Telstra in the first place. The Mums and Dad investors were seriously ripped off for something they already owned (apart from tranche 1).

  2. @Alice
    If I didn’t know any better, it would seem that somebody was discussing my activities on another blog…

    Yes, why don’t we nationalise everything? All these private businesses are obviously scam artists – surely if government was in charge of everything it would be in the interest of the people.

    Although I can’t say that the splitting up of Telstra is particularly unappealing – it’s original privatisation wasn’t great anyway.

  3. @Sebastian
    I hereby extend you an invitation Sebastian (to the other Blog). There are two people Id like you to meet…ABOM and Andy…and I think you would like them both but you would agree more with Andy. I agree on the carve up of Telstra..there – thats 1 thing we agree on (so far Andy and I have agreed on 4 things…Andy keeps count better than I do).

  4. @Rationalist
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having it privatised, indeed I’m all for having most things privatised.

    It’s just that I got the impression the original privatisation process wasn’t particularly well thought out – the government just seemed to hand over a monopoly to private hands without the proper competitive structures in place, Russia shock-therapy style. I remember Michael Costa saying that this was the one big problem with Thatcherism as well, and Stiglitz of course (who does have some good points, despite the fact that I cannot understand his continual faith in government) wrote a whole book criticising this approach. My attitude is that they shouldn’t have been nationalised, or created as government monopolies in the first place, but if they’re going to be denationalised there needs to be some serious thought devoted to how they will function when privatised.

    The fact that Telstra could perform as poorly as it has, and still enjoy a form of monopoly power in the market seems to indicate that something went wrong – not sure what, however.

    Anyway, it’s unfortunate that I had to waste today’s post clarifying that I haven’t suddenly become a statist by osmosis by spending so much time here, like the rest of Quiggin’s cronies – although you were right to fear that I had!

  5. Alice,
    To me (and as I have argued here before) Telstra presents a compelling case for re-nationalisation, then being broken up while under government ownership and then re-sold. This process where the government re-writes the rules on an ad-hoc and arbitrary basis is not fair to anyone that bought shares in Telstra in good faith.
    As for your insurance premia, I would suggest contacting an insurance broker and asking if they can do better. I would be staggered if they could not get you cheaper insurance – and probably cheaper than you were paying before. Competition is the best possible price regulator out there.

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