111 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. Alice – I really don’t see any evidence that Abbott has a problem with female support. Perhaps you have seen some evidence but it is yet to materialise. Mean while you seem to be jumping at shadows.

  2. @Alicia

    The disgust with NSW labor is at a crescendo …… people who have never voted Liberal will do so and the Greens will pick up a lot of votes and I hope they do and think carefully where their preferences go. NSW Labor can just go (just get!) IMHO.

    Id realy like it if Marie Bashir just steeled herself and stepped in and sacked the lot of them now. For a going away present, they could each be given a framed print of the last twenty five Sydney transport plans they have unveiled with much media hype and fanfare but never started….an apt going away present. Then a one way bus ticket.

    Terje. You are getting personal. I commented on your poll from my view on your numbers. Ill wait for the evidence to materialise. It will. Abbott is a JH clone with not many policies of his own. The electorate erased JH and they will see too much likeness not to do the same to his deputy. Date my prediction.

  3. @Alice

    Yes, the NSW government is a disgrace. But I’m not so sure the Liberals will be much better. As I understand it they have a strong right wing base that is very socially conservative. So their social policies could be shockers. I do hope the Greens get substantially more votes next election.

    And true, it will be good to see Obeid and his ilk gone.

  4. But I’m not so sure the Liberals will be much better.

    said boconnor@ 4 above.

    I’m certain they won’t be. On March 26 2011 we will have the choice between venal, reckless and incompetent morons in power and venal, reckless and even less competent morons who’d like to be in power.

    It would be nice to think the Greens could get the balance of power and drive change, but I don’t see that happening.

  5. Alice – you are entitled to your opinion. Questioning it or disagreeing with it is not getting personal.

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