Kiss of Death

Not that long ago, I said that, in the absence of a policy change on privatisation, I’d be putting Labor last on my next Queensland ballot, behind the Greens and, more relevantly, the Liberal National Party. Doubtless as a result, the LNP has promptly .

9 thoughts on “Kiss of Death

  1. Q: What is the difference between The Simpsons and the Liberal-National Party?

    A: One is a dysfunctional family of hilariously comic individuals, the other is a cartoon series created by Matt Groening.

  2. An emendment Paul …

    One is a dysfunctional family of hilariously comic individuals some of whom are locked into permanent pre-pubescence, save in their imaginations

  3. Just vote 1. There is no need to allocate preferences to tweedle dee and tweedle dumber.

  4. Perhaps you should be a bit more careful, John. All your reasoned arguments against the privatisation swept away with a few frivolous words.

  5. Lets outsource all the political jobs to retired politicians from Brazil, Norway, Chile, Germany, and Singapore.

    Crackers – but I’m all ears for a better suggestion.

  6. The Liberal Party in Qld has always been complete wayne carrs. They must LIKE opposition.
    I’ve never heard of any of the escapees/expellees, but (I could be wrong) I’m game to hazard a guess they all came to the LNP via the Qld Liberal Party.

  7. Richard McGuire makes as good suggestion – just vote 1.

    as I recall from Tullock’s vote motive book, seemingly wasted votes on third parties actually changes the identify of the median voter.

    Voting for a third party, such as many do in the UK for the Lib Dems, signals that a voter is really interested in voting, but is on hold and still up for grabs.

    The voter is not willing to vote for you until you change some of your key polices. That is the purpose of the green party vote in US presidential elections.

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