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  1. @gregh
    I dont have any critical insights seeing as I dont know / havent read about Jaime Lerner before your link above…. but can I say I like your kid for getting excited about him?

  2. Update, Update, Update, latest reports indicate Rudd has rebuked Julie Bishop’s lastest gaffe for suggesting ‘Australia used forged passports as part of intelligence operations’, breaching long-standing convention which posed ‘a risk to Australia’s national security’. And whilst on the topic, the Israeli Foreign Ministry response to the serious crisis is to limit intelligence between the two countries for Australia sending a Mossad rep packing after an Australian investigation revealed four of the suspects in Mabhouh killing used Australian passports.

  3. Hello ??

    You mean the “cockroach” suggested it was Australia’s fault that Israel used fake Australian passports to carry out a Mossad hit on its enemies??
    The cockroach (Julie Bishop) tells lies (big huge lies…the Caolition has lost the plot…seriously) like the rest of the Coalition.

    So the Coalition thinks the Australia voter is stupid and instead of doing the right thng politically and whilst in government ….they think if they can lie long enough…the bogan vote is now theirs?

    So whats new Moshie? Unless the bogans are a majority vote it seems a silly way to go, to me.

    I dont think the majority of Australians are that dumb, but it seems the Coalition thinks they are (maybe thats why they are losing….badly??)

  4. Alice, the Coalition lost the plot when Turnbull was turfed out from the leadership.

  5. Am glad to read comments here, Bishop’s intrusion last night antagonised me considerably. she joins Hockey and Abbott from last week, in a sin bin for the unintelligent, from which there is hopefully no return.

  6. @gregh
    Be careful Gregh… you sound horribly like a libertarian…

    You know – indoviduals have choices and if you donty want to have your passport stolen you will choose not to have a passport…so its all your own stupid fault for choosing to have a passport!! Who would have thunk that?

    Guess you will just have to choose to give up the Hawaii holiday if dont want to have the risk of Mossad (or any other damn weird undercover murderous outfit) stealing your passport.

    Where the hell are the lawyers when you need them?

    Just throw the Israelis out of the embassy in Australia till they learn to use their own damn passports for their nasty activities.

  7. Paul Walter, Julie Bishop’s gaffe is far more serious than those of Abbott, Hockey & Robb. Not sure how it will end for Bishop.

  8. @Michael of Summer Hill
    Moshie – has it ever crossed your mind that politicians, once in the inner sanctum, simply lose the ability to smell themsleves as outsiders (the voters do?)

    I mean seriously – everyone can smell State Labor – they have done jack to to maintain infrstructure over ten years or more (probably 20) and now the federal Coalition is on the nose (for just plain lying).

    No – the Australian people are not stupid. How did they ever get the idea that they were?
    What happened that they came to lie, deliberately, and thought Australians would believe them?

    Not good enough. Why doesnt K Keneally say “sorry – the state is broke…we cant fix the traffic just yet.”
    Why dont the Coalition say “sorry – we got Iraq wrong. We got AWB wrong. Maybe we shouldnt have privatised it” “we got workchoices wrong. It was unfair on hardworking Australians”.

    Idiots – and lies wont now save them from the punitive vote.

    Rudd may be boring but the alternative will bring misery to many more. Ill place my bet now.
    State labor out – Fed labor will stay.

  9. Alice, your predictions may be spot on for Kristina Keneally is having a hard time correcting past mistakes. But she is trying and must be given the thumbs up.

  10. @Michael of Summer Hill
    No no no Moshie … State Labor has had it….she is a puppet, Obeid still in power…
    they cant fix the roads (that they have not fixed in the past twenty years) for another twenty years…by that time we could all walk faster to work. Trouble is we wont get any sleep.

    Hopeless Moshie…State Labor are hopeless, clueless and pathetic (you Moshie – would have your time better spent campaigning for Rudd against the nutters in the fed Coalition). State Labor rode the boom and collected all those taxesb under Egan BUT rpivatised income generating assets and lost money on PPS deals they shouldnt have PPS’sd, spent so much on spin (endless endless spin and endless “plans”) and committees (endless committees) and made sure they covered their own wasteful trips and retirement benefits

    …they have nothing left to offer the people of NSW except…their own resignations.

    The sooner the better Moshie..hopefully before we are all walking to work at 3am.

  11. Update, Update, Update, Abbott is at it again calling Labor’s Resources Rent Tax ‘criminal’ without providing any evidence to support his claim. Furthermore, next week’s poll should make him think twice about glouting that ‘the backlash over the super profits tax has put the election within the Opposition’s grasp’. Bloody drongo.

  12. Update, Update, Update, the Coalition is a complete rabble not knowing where it stands with respect to the Resources Rent Tax with some members arguing large corporations can afford to pay more and others opposing the tax. Bloody drongos.

  13. Update, Update, Update, a close examination of the mining resource sector shows it is heavily subsidised thanks to the Australian taxpayer ie Fuel Tax Credits program worth $1.7 billion per year on top of other generous tax breaks worth some $1 billion per year. And one must not forget that the mining industry has been paying nix for its greenhouse pollution which has been conservatively estimated at a cost of $20 per tonne to be about $1.3 billion at 2006 levels. The facts speak for themselves, for in an industry where there is high profitability during the boom times it is only fair that the Australia taxpayer get a better return on their investment.

  14. Just caught your comments on ABC about the super profits tax and cost of living, PrQ.

    Well said …

    Did you hear Barnaby and Tikki Fullerton? Gosh … how embarrassing for the coaltion …

  15. Update, Update, Update, The only thing criminal MoShie is Sussex Street and all its derivatives; Like KRudd being Arbib’s and Obeid’s stooge etc.

  16. @Michael of Summer Hill
    Moshie – the Mining sector in Western Australia – mostly BHP has been wealthy enough to buy up tracts of whole houses in some towns, for their workers to live in “in case they start a project” – leaving the firemen, school teachers and other residents who cant afford to buy facing exorbitant rent increases while streets and streets of houses stand empty (owned by BHP).

    BHP obviously has more than enough super profits….while they decimate whole towns of small business and its traditional residents….while they think about projects.

    That must also mean they get a good share of rentn income from their own employees?

  17. Tony G, I have no idea what you are on about but I am interested to know what it is that gets under your craw.

  18. Update, Update, Update, former Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser’s, resignation from the Liberal Party was not surprising given that others have also disowned the Party for moving too far to the right side of the political spectrum which says a lot about the current neo-conservative rabble within the Federal Opposition Shadow Cabinet.

  19. Update, Update, update, according to reports today the Treasurer has rebutted suggestions from Rio Tinto chief executive Tom Albanese that the mining sector was not properly consulted arguing “The independent tax inquiry consulted the mining companies – they consulted mining companies more than they consulted virtually anyone else in the process of preparing their report.” You get the feeling Albanese is just as dishonest as the rabble in the Shadow Cabinet.

  20. Update, Update, Update, according to the latest reports Uniting Church president Reverend Alistair Macrae lambasted Tony Abbott & immigration spokesman Scott Morrison for having abandoned not only Christian values but basic human decency in a return to hardline asylum seeker policies which punish already vulnerable people’. And to make matters worse for Abbott & Morrison next week Malcolm Turnbull is ready to roll up his sleeves and enter the fray.

  21. Moshie
    If Kristina was trying hard to correct ats mistakes…Obeid would have been fired by now…Roozendahl the great seller off of lublic assets would have been fired by now….they would have taken away half the fines by now…they would have started ficing the roads….instead of another transport plan by now.

    There is a Carole King song that summs it up nicely for State Labor

    …Its too late baby now its too late but we really did try to make it.
    Something inside has died and we cant hide but we really did try to fake it…

  22. I know Tony is truly atrocious Moshie. Id vote for Atilla the Hun over Tony but Id vote for Atilla the Hun over Kristina Keneally as well (they really are on the nose). Actually Im giving Barry O’Farrell a go.
    I think he is a good bloke unlike the lunatics in federal liberal.

  23. Alice, I’m not convinced Barry O’Farrell has the goods. As for Kristina Keneally, she is trying her best and only needs to reassure the NSW public that Labor is in for the long haul and more than a match for the Opposition. Thumbs up Kristina.

  24. @Michael of Summer Hill
    Moshie – KK just cant get out of the shadow of Obeid can she? As well – we have Roozendahl now complaining the party is on the nose, without even a dim recognition he contributed to it with his “EganesqueCostalot” privatisations – and his private insider profit making ventures with unit redevelopments. Is there a soul in NSW Labor who hasnt managed to amass a small fortune privately for themselves and their friends or family, above their salaries, from their State dealings?. The attitude has been – Public service ethics? None. Public services? Sell em. Transport problems – ignore them by writing a plan.
    Dont start the thumbs up again Mosh.

  25. Alice, you raise a number of problematic issues in relation to transport which go as far back as 1940s when the Cumberland Regional Council first raised them. Try a little harder for Labor is trying to correct what the Opposition failed to do when they were in office. Thumbs up Kristina.

  26. Update, Update, Update, when it comes to immigration policy many would have to agree with Craig Emerson’s views that ‘internal rifts within the Opposition were still alive and well’ and that the rabble were totally ‘confused and chaotic and deeply divided’ whose aim is as Lindsay Tanner puts it ‘stoking prejudice, not about solving problems’. Bloody drongos.

  27. Update, Update, Update, the latest Morgan face-to-face poll shows Federal Labor leading 54.5-45.5 in comparison to last week’s figures of 50.5-49.5.

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