Abbott adrift

Tony Abbott got away with his howler on the effects of carbon taxes on electricity prices. But, in a piece of poetic justice, he’s now been tripped up by his ignorance of the technical issues underlying his broadband policy, not nearly as bad a piece of intellectual laziness, in my view, but enough to cement the (correct) impression that he is not across the details of key policy issues. To be fair, he doesn’t pretend to be: he offers simplistic slogans to the voters because that’s all he is capable of understanding. In the US, such self-confessed ignorance is a pre-requisite for political success, at least on the right. It seems we are heading the same way.

85 thoughts on “Abbott adrift

  1. @Chris Warren
    Marx predicted the growing misery of working people, and this would lead them, in the end, to revolt. I would like to see how a cradle to the crave welfare state still has enough misery left in it to not put off the revolution.

    I agree with G.A. Cohen when he argues that there is no group in advanced industrial societies united by:
    1. Being the producers on which society depends;
    2. Being exploited;
    3. Being in conjunction with their families the majority of society; and
    4. Being in dire need.

    No group because of their neediness and exploitation have a compelling interest in, and because of their productiveness and majority numbers, the capacity to archive a socialist transformation. Because of the rather unforeseen withering away of the proletariat, Marxism failed to predict the natural course of the evolution of capitalism.

    As for being a moral philosophy, Marxism is equally withered at the vine because if justice is the Marxist pattern ‘from each according to ability, to each according to need,’ then workers cannot be entitled to the full value of their own labour. This adage requires the taking the product of some workers’ labour and giving it to those in need.

    If people are entitled to the full value of their own labour, they are entitled to it regardless of whether or not the distribution within a society adheres to each according to their need pattern.

    But if workers are not entitled to the full product or value of their labour, the Marxist moral concerns about capitalist exploitation loses all of their force. A serious Marxist must give up either ‘…to each according to need’ or their critique of capitalism as exploitative, because the two are mutually incompatible.

    btw, which of these deregulations do you support:
    • the two airline policy
    • banks opening before 10 and after 3
    • competition in telecommunications
    • an interstate power market
    • Pay TV
    • More free-to-air channels?
    • ABC 2?
    • FM radio?
    • Colour TV?
    You must, at least, support the repeal of the regulations outlawing colour TV?

  2. @Alice
    you can not even get the number of airlines curretly operating in oz right. you claimed that it was 2, when it is 4, and forgot about 3 others that went broke for failing to serve passangers well.

    I repeat the list because you and others do not want to admit that deregulation worked. I assume you do not have pay TV at your house because it is the spawn of deregulation.

  3. @Donald Oats
    I assume you watch Beck. I do not.

    BTW, if deregulation is bad for consumers, why are you watching pay TV? It is bad for you. you are let yourself be ripped-off! cancel your pay TV subsciption and you will be richer and more informed.

  4. @Alice
    I am sure you would be worse-off for watching pay TV. too much danger of running into ideas, arguments and facts that disturb your settled world view.

  5. @Jim Rose
    Huh? Any pay TV I have watched so far dulls my brain as Murdoch designed it to do.
    I try to avoid the plethora if cop shows and repeats or mindless movies…
    Maybe you should try avoiding as well JR. There is a real life out there.

  6. @Jim Rose
    If my settled world was dictated by pay TV JR I would be seriously worried about myself. Ever heard the word SOMA – it means sleep drugs for the masses…
    thats pay TV.

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