Zombies: where to get them

Although Zombie Economics isn’t due out until Halloween (end of October), you can pre-order from the Australian distributor (Footprint Books, form attached) or from the main US outlets (Powells, Borders, Amazon).


15 thoughts on “Zombies: where to get them

  1. Just curious John, do you see less money your end for books sold at Real Cheap places like Book Depository? I am looking forward to the read by the way – I am sure you’re going to tap into a rich vein of well marbled angst with the dismal science and more power to you.

  2. @Peter Evans

    @Peter Evans

    Book depository is £18.31 (ie $32.63).

    If Australian retail is around 38 I expect the members price through the Co-op bookshop to be around 33-34.

    So, I’d wait until the Co-op bookshop has it in stock. (I don’t think you get a discount on special orders?)

  3. Amazon has it at US$16.47, so even if you ordered nothing else and paid $9.98 p&p just to ship Zombie Economics it would still come in at under A$30.

  4. I have been buying a lot from book depository. I use the Australian website http://www.booko.com.au which trawls local and international websites and calculates ‘to your door’ costing (including shipping and currency conversion). Book depository US/UK tends to come out the best.

    But I often wonder how they achieve this so am very curious too re Peter’s question.

  5. I get 10 per cent of list price ($24.95), or $2.50 a copy. I assume that’s the same even if the book is discounted.

    I’m counting on the movie rights to bring in the big money. I plan to play Rational Expectations.

  6. @Lee Taylor
    Nominated in the category “Irony of the Year Award: Lee Taylor”. If only everyone used Booko – would not that be, in microcosm, the EMH in action? Sort of, maybe, if you squint….

  7. @jquiggin
    congratulations on publication. at $2.50 a copy, obviously a labour of love.

    only textbook writers seem to make any real money out of economics books.

  8. Even at that rate, I expect to make more from this than from all my previous books combined.

    In fact, when I use to write book reviews for the Fin, I got more for reviewing a book than for writing one!

  9. @Jim Rose

    interesting point on relative prices.

    david friedman post his books and drafts of books in progress on his web site. he is doing this with his older books as soon as the copyright reverts back to him.

    Friedman reasons that if more people read his books, he will get more invites to speak and lecture. I assume this pays better, and he gets to travel too.

    I assume that this is a reward for having a academic home page with lots of published papers free to download too. Friedman does this. Your web site is similar.

  10. @jquiggin
    I hope Angelina will co star in the movie. If you are Sir Rational Expectations then what is Jolie’s role?

    Maybe she could be Ms Heterodox Alternative?

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