ABC Bias

The ABC is reporting the election outcome as 73 Coalition, 72 Labor, even though one National Party member has indicated he will not sit as part of the coalition. If they had made a similar choice favoring Labor (eg by accepting at face value the statement of the Green MP that he intends to support Labor) I’m sure the cries of bias from the political right would have reached the heavens.

127 thoughts on “ABC Bias

  1. @Paul Norton further to my last, I had forgotten what Paul brought up at #33 – the IPCC review – instead of accurately reporting the conclusion of that review all ABC2 could blather was emails and climategate. Ta Paul, I had sort of Men in Black mind erased that episode but you brought it back. As you say – do we need this Murdoch crap read to us?

  2. The ABC news web site is now displaying both sides on 73 apiece, with the text “Labor 27 + Bandt; Liberal 73 including Crook”.

  3. Tim Macknay, I have the same problem and should read more often what I have written before submitting. But on a more brighter note Labor is in a good position of setting up a minority government after the Reserve Bank of Australia’s index of commodity prices hit its highest level on record in August climbing another 2.7 percent to 121.4 and topping the previous peak of 119.5 in September 2008 before the global financial crisis set in and boosting Australia’s terms of trade, lifting profits, investment, employment and tax receipts.

  4. The ABC has made Virginia Trioli shuffle papers on the morning news and can no longer sit on a couch…whats going on?
    Efficiency gains?

    Rudd should have cleared the right wing deadwood out of the ABC. Too slow. Howard wasnt slow stacking the board. What was Rudd ? – a charity or a retirement home for ex liberal ministers?

    (Not that I like the “market de-regulation lives and we dont want any tariff barriers” Labor much better – just because Hawke and Keating excelled themselves at destroying whole sectors of the Australian economy like manufacturing and agriculture, along with Howard “Bush’s Coward”, doesnt mean the redhead and Swan have to keep toeing the party line). She says the labor party have been to hell and back removing tariff barriers. Will someone tell Gillard country producers are still in hell and there has been no come back?

    But things change very slowly in the bureaucracy and politics dont they? We, the people, have to be screaming before they listen and change the track they are playing.

  5. For those interested in the latest news Sergeant Schultz is also pissed off with Brown for not jumping into bed with the L-NP. But I do agree with what he says ‘Don’t believe what Labor says, look at what it does’. Moving Forward.

  6. Alice, don’t be too harsh on Rudd for it was Rudd’s vision to see beyond the L-NP noses which laid the foundations for the NBN and is now the central issue which will determine what party forms a minority government. Furthermore, whatever differences there are between the Independents they must decide on this one important issue.

  7. Dave McRae:

    It’s no better than the commercials. Actually, worse – during recent crud on ABC2 wife and I flick over to sunrise and there recently Beyond Zero talking about getting us off the coal.

    I first heard about Beyond Zero on ABC Midday News, so the ABC is good for something after all.

  8. “Hawke and Keating excelled themselves at destroying whole sectors of the Australian economy like manufacturing and agriculture”

    What do you mean by this statement?

  9. @bobalot

    Yes it is. I would never call myself a left-winger but I would no more vote for Abbott (whom I know slightly and, on this basis, distrust hugely) than fly to the moon. If I were Katter, Windsor, or Oakeshott, I’d give very serious consideration to saying “Tony, we’ll support a Liberal government on condition that you resign from the leadership. If you don’t, we’ll back the ALP. See how you like that.”

  10. @Jarrah
    Work it out Jarrah or refer to my posts (links) on the miracke of democracy part II. I posted some links. Read those first. Then of course, after that, make up your own interpretation.

  11. Of course in the Australian today there is another story about ABC bias – however towards Julia Gillard. I think it a somewhat biased article.

  12. @Jill Rush
    I saw that some of the IPA regular contributors to the ABC Drum and Unleashed website have been ranting about ABC bias towards Abbott and the Liberal Party.

    Considering the good trot that the IPA (aka bunch of free-marketeers) mob have had on the ABC, it’s a bit rich claiming bias. They are just indulging in some onomedia experience, I guess.

    BTW, good to see Wilkie (correctly IMHO) rejected the $billion offer for Tassie hospital/health, realising that it was both a bribe and a trap. Now let’s see if the other independents can behave with principled ethics, rather than succumbing to the urge to porkbarrel.

  13. Donald Oats’ comments remind me of the most recent QA and Chris Berg.
    IPA sure have run some brain-busters over the last generation.

  14. @Donald Oats
    Don – I notice Andrew Wilkie giving Abbott a huge serve over his “one billion dollar” offer for Royal Hobart hospital. What was he thinking ? This numbers problem Abbott has to me just shows that he cant even be bothered to be serious.
    As for Katter – who I am now officially asking to dinner – he wants Coles and Woolies “gutted”.
    Like the rest of us.

    The man is a national hero.

  15. Alice, if Katter accepts your invitation tell him he should reconsider his stance against a carbon tax and/or ETS otherwise he might not get the speakers job.

  16. @Alice
    OK. I just wanted clarification, to give you the benefit of the doubt. I can understand you preferring to not clarify, to keep your assertions vague, after being demolished time and again whenever you make specific claims.

    “The man is a national hero.”

    The man is an idiot who doesn’t care about the national interest.

  17. Jarrah, Katter is not an idiot but is seeking a wish list which at this stage of the game is unacceptable to both major party’s. The ambit claim is now just a wish list.

  18. @Alice
    This election result has chucked up some good outcomes. I’ve heard Bob Katter speaking at length a few times now, the most recent being this morning. He can sure give some quotable quotes, especially with the way he expresses a particular idea. Only this morning he too suffered from the MSM headline effect, where a news story on air has been brutally edited to take only the beginning of one of Katter’s comments – “Broadband is not negotiable” – and ignored the rest, which in this case involved an explanation of how significant detail was happily negotiable. If I’d only heard the late morning news I would have thought very negatively of Katter; a search on google – to source the quote – might not have been particularly revealing at that point.

    When it gets down to the brass tacks of keeping government, and where demands are upon him to support national needs over parochial ones, I have a lot less confidence concerning Bob Katter. Still, I’ll enjoy watching him feed the chooks a couple of more times before his 15 minutes is up.

  19. @Jarrah
    Yes well Jarrah – I expect, by now, you to have your own take on my views. For your information my assertions are not vague. I gave you links and I said they expressed my views perfectly adequately. If you find my links vague – that is your problem Jarrah. Im not going to oversimplify because you dont get it.

  20. @Donald Oats
    The news is deliberately trying to make an idiot out of Katter but frankly Donald – if he doesnt go back and beat some sense into his electirates heads like he threatened to do, and if he continues to support the “slimy dog” liberals (his words not mine) after all they have done with the wretched free trade agreement and after all they didnt do about Coles and Woolies (and have no intention of doing anything to fox either the mess of free trade or the obscene oligopoly in our grocery market).

    If he sidles up to the inept mad liberal coalition (lying on numbers and bureacracy hating nutcases) under Abbott – then as far as I am concerned all dinner invitations are off.
    The force from the north may be all talk. We dont know yet. All I do know of both are inept parties, but the liberals are even less likely to whack up some tariff barriers and some decent ACCC “gut them” provisions, than labor.

    Although IMHO they both stink in that regard.

  21. Alice, Katter made one big mistake, he should never have threatened to bring down a government during negotiations. As for Katter siding with the L-NP you can forget that for Hockey this morning gave the game away.

  22. “the obscene oligopoly in our grocery market”

    How do you define ‘obscene’ in this context? What makes you think it’s obscene? What evidence do you have to support this view? Numbers please, not hyperbole.

  23. @Jarrah
    I define obscene the way most Australians define obscene Jarrah – when the grocery oligopoly is pissing both consumers and producers off.

  24. accc estimates a HHI of around 0.3 in the grocery market which is extremely high concentration oligopoly. high-turnover supermarkets above a certain floorspace would be even higher concentration.

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