The miracle of democracy, Part III

By the end of election night, it seemed pretty obvious that we were in for an extended period of bargaining before a government could be formed. That seemed unlikely to be an edifying process – the usual expectation would be for a massive pork-barrel auction, throwing roads, dams and other goodies at the electorates whose members were lucky enough to be pivotal. Amazingly, so far at least, the reverse has happened. In its deals with the Greens and Andrew Wilkie, Labor has been forced to dump stupid focus-group policies (like the citizens jury), take on powerful interests (like the gambling lobby) and commit to a range of process improvements. The remaining independents (particularly Oakeshott) have made similar noises, so it’s possible to hope for a government much better than either of the miserable alternatives that appeared to be on offer a couple of weeks ago.

Of course, things can still go wrong, and recent experience suggests they probably will. But, at least for one weekend, there’s a bit of hope in the air.

54 thoughts on “The miracle of democracy, Part III

  1. Alice, don’t be so peed off for there are various organisations and individuals who are paid to destabilise the left.

  2. I am peed off Mosh. Why is JQ so tolerant? Terje is up to post 17 on weekend reflections just for today and he is still….blathering on and wrong and misguided (as usual). Paid?

    It wouldnt surprise me at all…what gets me is they get clean away with all sorts of liberties and rudenesses and how will the moderates ever win unless we learn to fight?. Wasnt that and isnt that the biggest criticism of the left…they didnt fight…they fragmented and fought themselves a la Monthy Python in the Collosseum episode? Like a bunch of losers – except the tide is turning Mosh and people are tiring of the right.

    Well Im not left, Im normal and in the middle. I can appreciate Bob Brown as well as I can appreciate Bob Katter – and I appreciated Rudd and I dont yet know Gillard – but I dont like the way she sank to the same level as Abbott (well not quite as low but heading in the same direction) by fearmongering on boat people and playing to the bogun vote (Sorry Mosh – I know you like Labor but that was weak )

    If its a fight we need its a fight we need to have.

    Im not one for taking rubbish anymore. Im too old and you only live once and you only get to speak your mind in one lifetime and to me, its too short especially when it may take you thirty years before you even begin to say what you really think – and I say they can take their rightwing propaganda to the rubbish tip (good if someone is paying them for that – why should the taxpayers bear the cost? User pays for removal seems suitable to me.).
    The market approach to analyse everything from bananas to broadband, a local bridge or a school hall, and whether we need it (and the fact we have to discuss whether Big Bob Private Businessman is going to build it first – when we all know he isnt) is a con, a waste of time and its dysfunctional. Causes paralysis. Maybe economics is to blame.

    Never underestimate the power of a conscience to wither one slowly. It happens. Thats the justice for paid mouthpieces who sell their soul to might not right, Mosh.

  3. Alice – I don’t care how many comments you make in a day. It is between you and JQ. However rather than compare your limit to me, and cry about how unfair it is, why don’t you compare it to MOSH or any number of other participants from the left, right or middle and ponder why it is that they are not on the same leash you are on.

    As for your suggestion that I am paid to comment here, that is both untrue and utterly ridiculous.

  4. Alice, please use your assigned comment for constructive contributions, rather than slanging matches with other commenters. To other commenters, please play fair, and don’t make sharply critical responses to Alice, given that she is limited in her capacity to respond. To everyone, please avoid personal attacks. Dealing with them is one of the reasons I had to go on hiatus, so if you want the blog to continue, please stick to civil discussion of the issues – JQ

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