105 thoughts on “Weekend reflections

  1. Anyone can profit from their own labour, but not by exploiting other people (or nations). There are also windfall profits.

    So if per capita GDP growth is x%, this is a reasonable level of profits.

    Windfall profits are not available in the long-run.

    Any long-run profits over x% are super profits.

  2. Say the economy is growing at 6%. You define super profits as anything over 6% and slap a tax on it. As a consequence growth slips to 3% so you tax profits harder. Soon growth is at 0% and all profit is a crime. Way to go socialist.

  3. TerjeP :
    So which is it:-
    x = 0
    x = 5
    x = 32.7

    Gee-sus! don’t be a slow learner.

    If I say:

    “if per capita GDP growth is x%”

    then, obviously;

    x = (per capita growth).

    All this 0; 5, 32.7 is nonsense.

  4. Chris – yes I failed to comprehend what you were saying at first. Now I’ve comprehended it I think it is crazy, as per my comment after the one you quoted.

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