I’ve finally decided to move this blog from its current hosting service (who inherited me from a smaller service they took over) to Jacques Chester’s Ozblogistan which is home to many of the leading Oz political-economic blogs these days. The first attempt at the weekend didn’t go so well, taking the blog offline for a while. But I’m hopeful we’ll manage the transition and that service will be greatly improved in the long run.

5 thoughts on “Outage

  1. see yesty the Oz chamber of commerce(affiliatedwith the usa c of c) had a “please join us”
    glossy come on.

    paid for by koch bros?

    back in your box may,you have a nasty suspicious mind.

  2. Mate, if I could soak the Koch brothers for a few bucks, I probably would. But until then Ozblogistan runs out of my own pocket + generous donations from bloggers.

  3. dearheart,
    soaking that lot?—beware splashback.

    commercial scale wave energy up (down,really,underwater) and running,off Garden Island in WestOz.Carnegie Wave Energy if you’re innarested.mostly owned by French,(sigh)
    that was the only way they could get it off the ground(in the water).
    can be used for power or desalinisation.

  4. @may
    Nothing wrong with your mind May. Nothing at all. The Koch brothers are the heart of advertising darkness. Oh how I wish they were sharing a cell with Mubarak and sons.

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