Taking a break

I’m taking a break until after Easter. I hope that, by the time of my return, the performance problems that have been affecting the blog will have been resolved. In the meantime, best wishes to everyone for a happy and safe holiday.

18 thoughts on “Taking a break

  1. Have a great break, enjoy, and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks for your posts, much appreciated.

  2. A present from the Easter Bunny:”Following his links, I also see an essay I’ve been looking for by John Quiggin, who points out that the rating agencies, which completely missed the risks in mortgage-backed securities, simultaneously have a “long-standing bias against the public sector.”Krugman NYT

  3. Onya mate, you are a bloke amongst blokes and probably work harder in a day than I would in a year. And a more critical blog in the country I cant think of.

  4. Guys…I love you all for making lots of comments after I swamped the threads (I really hope the Prof was cycling and then eating his hot cross buns after with a lovely cuppaccino somewhere)….and I agree PW there is no more critical and I might add free flowing non stodgy blog anywhere in the blogosphere….bless his busily thinking soul.

  5. @stockingrate
    You bet these miserly ratings agencies have a bias against the public sector and public spending stickingrate. That much aint half obvious… but the fact is the ratings agencies are MONUMENTALLY wrong and why are idiot politicians still listening to them?.
    They couldnt even rate a toxic asset if they were poisoned by one.

    Please someone tell me why any government wants a triple A rating (or thinks a triple A rating is important) if they never borrow and if they do borrow they lose the triple A rating?

    All I can possibly be thinking is that governments in their entirety are planning to list on the stock exchange as LTD companies, and thats why they need a triple A rating.

    Believe me things have gotten so dsyfuntional in the public sector that nothing would surprise me about this idea. NSW Ltd inc….just stand by for the glossy triple A rated prospectus. Sell the entire government to Mums and Dads…read BIG instutional super fund managers. Way to go? We are half gone anyway.

  6. “there is no more critical and I might add free flowing non stodgy blog anywhere in the blogosphere” Alice – true, but modesty forbids me to suggest that there might be one other almost as non stodgy and free flowing. Oh, and stop swamping the thread!

  7. @David Horton
    David – I pay my deep respect to other free flowing non stodgy blogmasters such as yourself.

    However in order for a challenge to proceed there needs to be some comparative key blog performance indicators, like new thread output rates, talking head post counts, discussion policy policing measures, swearing outbreak rates etc. If its blogstats needed you are in the right place.

    Sorry for swamping. I would like an invisible button so I could make the post but it didnt go in the Profs list, top right. If anyone notices me swamping please post fast so the swamp gets drained before Prof sees it. Thats it for today. Im still under the limit. Alice is trying to exercise self control.

  8. Thanks Alice, dunno about the other performance indicators, but neither I nor my readers ever swear. I swear that is the truth.

    Come up and swamp my threads any time if the good prof is being mean to you and you have swamping withdrawal symptoms.

  9. Its got to be said. The Prof is not a mean man. I think he just gave me an invisible button for a while David!

  10. hey john,
    i am doing an essay at uni on the effect of economic rationalism on education policy and society in general,
    all the books which are relevant seem to be almost 20 years old, even reviews of yours i find are old,
    have there been any good books published in the last year or two, or is this a dead subject?

  11. Its not a dead subject Smiths. Its an alive and well zombie practice. Still a lot of VCs and other technosuitocrats practising rationalism in education in Australia.

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