Crowdsourcing the links between climate and tobacco hackery

In this very silly hit piece in the Oz, Graham Young says that I “imply” that many climate delusionists are (or were) tobacco hacks. His wording in turn implies that they aren’t or might not be. Of course this is a simple question of fact, well documented in Naomi Oreskes Merchants of Doubt. But, as a fun exercise, I thought readers might be interested in a “Six degrees” crowdsourcing exercise for the leading individual and institutional advocates of climate delusion. Candidates score

1. If took tobacco money or public anti-science position on tobacco (denying risks of active or passive smoking)
2. (a) Direct link (co-authorship of, or institutional affiliation for, climate delusionist pieces) to person or institution in group 1, or advocacy of tobacco interests on issues like advertising, plain labelling etc
3. Direct link to group 2


Bonus points for

(a) anyone who can make a clear case for a climate delusionist with a score of 4 or above
(b) first anti-science commenter to claim “ad hominem”, “guilt by association” etc. Working for, or with criminals like the tobacco lobby, is indeed a guilty association. Those who have inadvertently entangled themselves with links to the tobacco lobby can always repudiate them.

52 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing the links between climate and tobacco hackery

  1. John Mashey, what we know about the tobacco capitalists is that they knowingly set out to entrap their victims in nicotine addiction, and that they know that it will kill or severely injure them. They do so in order to make money out of human suffering. I’m no great moral authority, but, in my mind, that makes them, their apologists and those that knowingly peddle lies to suppress the truth and confuse the public, evil. Unless we start from plain axioms like this, that it is evil to slowly and agonisingly kill people for profit, we are doomed, and good riddance to Homo destructans.
    As for ‘conspiracy theory’-it, like ‘political correctness’, is a moronic verbal expectoration used to shut down discussion. The Right use these cliches all the time when they are intellectually or morally unprepared to debate facts. The conspiracy is simply the behaviour of wicked individuals who come together to pursue their ‘business interests’ and who are prepared to lie, misinform and confuse in pursuit of money. As the tobacco industry documents subpoeanaed in the USA show, very often the plans of this denialist industry were discussed at secret meetings of businessmen, Rightwing ideologues and PR flunkies, and the disinformation they produce was faithfully regurgitated by Rightwing MSM agit-propagandists, as an ideological duty in service to business. And as ‘The Fundament’ shows, this service, by the Right, to mass murder in pursuit of profit continues unabated.

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