28 thoughts on “CSG and Climate

  1. Ikonoclast – “Fallacy of substitution” pretty well describes it. Substitution is more an exercise in marketing than any genuine expression of intent IMO, no matter that there may arguably have been some genuine potential for gas as a transitional fuel as part of an aggressive emissions reduction program – beginning about 2 decades ago. A program that should, by now, be looking towards the phase out of gas.

    I’m not convinced that any corporatised energy sector would seek to build enough gas fired power to back up renewables and not lobby, advertise and tankthink public policy to leave out the renewables part – even if they showed any genuine commitment to abandoning coal at all. Which they don’t – CSG is primarily an export oriented industry. Electricity producers in Australia will continue to be the foot-dragging impediment to emissions reduction that they’ve shown themselves to be all along. Not that the foot-dragging of public owned energy producers in the hands of populist parliaments that prefer the pretense of the minimum necessary being too hard or, worse, the pretense that the climate problem is a lefty-green plot to undermine civilisation – look capable of doing better.

    I can’t see the growth of CSG as anything but the exploitation of coal that’s not economical to mine by other means. CSG is furthering the unrestrained growth of fossil fuels without any serious regard for the longer term costs and consequences.

  2. @Ken Fabian

    Quite right. Substitution is only a part of the story. The overall impact is not necessarily positive. Indeed, in the absence of binding global caps on greenhouse gas emissions the overall impact is most likely negative, even if industry analysis on CSG’s virtues were to be whole-heartedly believed. And, let’s face it, vested-interest would never lie to us, would it?

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