Last night the Ozblogistan network slowed down and then began to “yo-yo” — stop working and then reappear cyclically.

I have been becoming increasingly dissatisfied with WPEngine’s reliability and service. Tis was the straw that broke the camel’s back. So I began a crash move of the network to a new hosting service,

That is why the site was unavailable last night and this morning, and why you first saw kittens and then a little moving truck.’s service has already shown itself to be much better than WPEngine’s; however they have reported back that migration is going slowly because the WPEngine servers periodically drop the connection they’re using to download files.

Their advice was to switch back to WPEngine’s servers for today. Any posts or comments from today could then be migrated using the WXR import/export facility built into WordPress.

So here we are, temporarily back at WPEngine. Tonight I and the staff will try the move again.

A few hours ago WPEngine finally traced the problem back the recent comments widget on Skepticlawyer and Catallaxy Files. I’ve disabled those for now. (Amazing how much their service has improved, now that I’m leaving).

28 thoughts on “Trauma

  1. Is / has the UK devolved into an even more fascistic repressive state than the US? Margaret Thatcher’s legacy has not died even if her mind reportably “left the building” some time ago.

  2. So fine to have a film, an expensive film, possibly state sponsor (whether united states or not) , that doesn’t involve the traditional thoughts, concepts, ideas that “freedom of speech” is supposed to be about, but instead is simply a long contrived insult against certain “enemies” religion, not to change their minds about anything but simply and solely to hurt their feelings infuriate them and cause violence, that’s what Obama and Google seek to protect. But the idea that there is a measure of karma in those who enlist to kill others in others countries for no defensible reason suffering the fate they desired to have others meet, no, that is speech that not only ought not be protected but should be prosecuted with s measure prejudice.

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