The Second Migration

That you can see this post means you’re on the new server. Welcome.

There will be glitches — duplicates and the like.

Sorry about the disruption, but I hoped you all enjoyed the kittens and the dalek.

7 thoughts on “The Second Migration

  1. Jacques, there seems to be some issues with server-side caching.

    If I navigate to, I see the same set of comments and comment counts from two hours ago…

    If I navigate to, I get the up to date version…

    This is regardless of which brower I test with, or my browser cache settings which are all disabled…

  2. No.
    I did NOT like the Dalek.
    And I did not LIKE kittens.
    If you MUST put up photos of kittens, put photos of green and red kittens.

  3. Yes. Kittens are horrible. (I lay the blame on the ancient Egyptians who probably made a bad domestication choice into an abomination through veneration.)

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