63 thoughts on “Sandpit

  1. Some nut called “M Haines” made the statement at #47. It has nothing to do with you. Now settle down.

    Anyway, let move on to the anti-GMO nutters …

  2. @Tim Macknay
    I’d do a 60 km each way commute on a scooter when global warming has stopped the rain and a bingle with one of these carbon fibre cars feels like a fluffy duster.

  3. Mel & Megan: I’m absolutely sick to death of this. Please take two weeks off. On return, no interaction with each other, or discussion of fluoride.

  4. I’m not sucking up but kudos to Pr Q for saying a year ago the right carbon price was $50. It seems the Obama administration agrees. See the Climate Spectator article titled $48 – the right price for a tonne of CO2?

    Funny that the new explicit Aussie carbon price will be in the range $0 to $10.

  5. @Megan

    It may be unfair, but I’m too busy to sort out who started it. From now on keep clear of each other – if there are any unprovoked attacks, call my attention and they will result in a permanent ban.

  6. From “The Business” last night: “New research shows that the superannuation industry raked in 18 billion dollars in fees last financial year, that’s more than 1% of Australia’s GDP”
    Couple that with the sum of bank profits from our big 4 and it’s shameful to think how much of our hard earned spondulas are just thrown into the wind:(

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