Farewell, again to Larvatus Prodeo

After returning for the election year, LP is closing once again. I’ll miss it. Blogs have transformed the media but, in the end, seemed to have been absorbed by more traditional forms. Feel free to contribute your thoughts on LP and the future, if any, of long-form blogs like this.

83 thoughts on “Farewell, again to Larvatus Prodeo

  1. OK Val, I think we’ve established that your only concern about sexism on this site relates to your view that criticism of Gillard, even on policies which you are unwilling to defend, was automatically sexist.

    I’m not planning to post anything further regarding Gillard, so this problem is now only of historical interest.

    As we seem to be getting more heat than light, could I ask everyone who has commented so far to make just one further comment. I’ll close the thread tomorrow.

  2. Val @73:

    Everyone who tries to switch the topic from “sexist treatment of Australia’s first female PM” to “Rudd vs Gillard” is complicit in the sexism that was shown towards her.

    Of course in a mature political and intellectual culture it should be possible to engage in conversations about both. That said, I reiterate my position that supporters of the change of leadership from Gillard back to Rudd needed to acknowledge (as some did but many didn’t) that under the circumstances this move would unavoidably provide aid and comfort to reactionary and misogynous elements in our society and culture, that this had to be recognised as the price that was being paid on the gamble that a change of leadership might avert the greater evil of an LNP victory, and that in the event the gamble didn’t come off.

  3. “a left wing male academic said to me something to the effect that he personally thought the best answer to the equal marriage question was to get rid of marriage altogether, outdated institution, etc. So now I keep thinking about this, and wondering if, had he said that to you, you would have felt impelled to criticise him on your blog? I know the circumstances aren’t exactly comparable, but you know, interesting question, honest answer.”

    If he was actively campaigning against marriage, I’d regard his view as consistent but misguided. If not, I’d regard it as a copout.

  4. I’ll close by saying that some issues can only be successfully discussed with the empathy and (relative) warmth that exists in face-to-face discussions.

    Blogs offer only a very “cold” means of communication with the end result being that discussions of issues like sexism almost always turn ugly very quickly.

    I have great face-to-face discussions with women I regard as feminists but the blog discussions I’ve had with feminists have almost ended up becoming bitter over relatively minor points of difference.

  5. Thanks for the one last comment offer.

    Val, and others, my concern was to challenge what I see as the near hegemonic dominance of liberal feminism in Australia. Guided by Curthoys and some other feminists like bell hooks, both of whom emphasize liberation theory, it appears to me that contemporary feminism has knocked itself unconscious on the glass ceiling and is little more than an advocacy school for women of the professional bourgeoisie who imagine that their own advancement is the purpose of the women’s liberation project.

    There was a time when feminism was a guiding light for those men who also found the hegemonic rule of dominant masculinity a preposterous fraud and who struggled to clear a space for solidaristic dialogue between men and women. It doesn’t work that way any more; we are accused of being ‘fanboys’ for failing to take sufficient umbrage at the sexist treatment of JG as if that is the only issue of concern. It isn’t. I agree with a.v.’s analysis that the timing of Rudd’s dismissal and the complete watering down of the RSPT into the MRRT was a complete capitulation by the ALP, under JG’s leadership, to global capital which capitulation will have resounding effects at least the equal of media sexism against Gillard.

    The old miner’s paper Common Cause at one point had a banner that read something along the lines of ‘The ALP – Advancing the Interests of the Working Class, One by One’. Contemporary Australian feminism appears to be operating along the same lines as the banner suggests.

  6. well, Val, i could say – but i don’t – that when i try to talk about how julia gillard sold her country short to further her career, some people invariably turn it around to a discussion of how poorly she was treated later because she’s a woman.

    few it seems want to face up to what was an abject failure of statesmanship & socialist conviction that was the november 2010 removal of rudd & capitulation to transnational capital.

    this was the time, you may or may not recall, when julia gillard allowed a sinister cabal of transnational corporations – aided & abetted by rupert murdoch – to get to a position where they could dictate tax policy to a first world nation state.

    the die has been cast, Val, and by julia gillard, a precedent set and god help any future reformist prime minister man or woman who has to face off against transnational corporations.

    and please, Val, don’t read into this gillard -v- rudd. this is not about gillard -v- rudd. this all & only about julia gillard and her failure of character at a time in history when her country most needed her to assert national sovereignty against powerful transnational corporations.
    alfred venison

  7. Jungney AV et al – I’m not supposed to comment again and have said that I won’t (for the time being) but if Prof Q lets this through I just want to acknowledge your comments and say that I will bear them in mind and try to reference them when I do my blog post on these issues. Thanks.

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