58 thoughts on “Sandpit

  1. @Mel
    Mel verbals the ”cultural left’, whoever they are. On another note, Pyne has appointed fierce cultural warrior and failed teacher Kevin Donnelly (to quote a cliche ‘those who can do, those who can’t teach’, what does this say about Donnelly?) to review the national school curriculum. Apparently the minister thinks that there’s not enough taught about western civilisation and Anzac day. It looks like infantilisation will be the hallmark of this govt. I mean really, given that we have a budget emergency how can we possible justify spending hundreds of thousands if not millions on a review lead by an unqualified partisan. This escapes hard line LNP supporters who of course are saying ‘Jolly good show and about time’ and giving young Chris a paternal pat on the head.

  2. @Megan

    It’s real intelligence we need!

    Indeed. One of the potential pitfalls in the growth of artificial intelligence, which Jaron Lanier points out, is the likelihood of proportionate growth in “artificial stupidity”. Regardless of how smart machines do (or don’t) get, there’s a very good chance that people will hand more decisions over to machines anyway, and become stupider in the process. Jack mentions the use of AI technology in finance. I think it’s fair to say that there is room for debate on whether the performance of the finance industry has dramatically improved in recent years. 😉

    Clearly I touched a sore point with Jack, and I’ve been trying to figure out why.

    My latest take on it this: Jack is clearly passionately interested in AI, but lacks the technical knowledge to engage with the field on a deep level as he is not a computer scientist or engineer (apparently he is an economist). This has the potential to create a degree of insecurity, in part due to the old “hard science-soft science” dichotomy, which deems that hard sciences are “better”.

    The fact that Jack evidently idolises the leading thinkers in AI (to the point of ferociously attacking anyone who criticises them) supports this impression. By correcting a mistake of Jack’s in relation to a field he clearly loves but does not feel he adequately grasps, I inadvertently touched an insecurity.

    Of course, I might be completely wrong, but the theory at least at least does explain why my original, very mild remark launched such a tidal wave of crankiness.

  3. “Ignorance, stupidity and time-wasting make me angry.”
    Could self-loathing account for the crankiness? Either that or an inability to reflect on what one has written before posting and then having a frustrating forehead slap moment.

  4. Does anyone think Jack might be an alpha male perhaps?

    I have noticed that these sort of men think that they are entitled to have tantrums – they call it something different – because they are that sort of bloke. This type of ‘entitled’ behaviour means they are individuals and not sheep.

    Otherwise you could say it’s easy to ‘push his buttons’?

    Back to Bernardi and did anyone read the biography in The Monthly?

    This bit is intersting.

    “Sinead, with whom he has two sons, aged ten and 12, says they have the perfect marriage because they’re “both in love with the same man”. “Cory obviously has this huge belief in himself … If you didn’t love a guy who was so in love with himself you’d have a lot of trouble living with Cory.”

  5. PatrickB

    Mel verbals the ”cultural left’, whoever they are.

    It was a joke based on one of Jack’s obsession, sweetpea.

  6. A person commenting under the name of “Christian Kerr” has posted this at Catallaxy:

    I’m 99.95 per cent with Samuel J on this [defence of ASIO against the “Persons of Interest” series], but there’s some real PC Plod stuff in the Lee Rhiannon files I’ve spent the last few years working – some missing cross referencing that I would have though any public service shinbyum would fix, least of all our intelligence agency. It’s this sort of stuff that has let people who have been the friends of our enemies dismiss the security forces and create the culture that has let SBS’ silly program come about. ASIO haven’t exactly done themselves many favours by resisting the release of files that show just how the Brezhnev era Soviets indulged their local pets – and how those lap-dogs of tyranny loved having their tummies rubbed.

    Of course I am in no position to know whether this is the “real” Christian Kerr.

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