A quick question

I ate at my local Italian restaurant just now and, as often happens, the credit card call didn’t go through, so I signed instead of using a PIN. Given that the banks have announced this won’t be possible in a few months time what will they do about this fairly common problem? Any experts out there?

30 thoughts on “A quick question

  1. I put $200 on Germany to beat Brazil after watching Neymar et al burst into tears upon winning the Colombia game by penalty kicks. Cry babies will tend to choke, as Brazil did in 1950. This proved the case in 2014.

    Argentina are made of sterner stuff but I predict a German victory. The Germans have a champion team, not just a team full of champions like Argentina. So double or nothing on Germany.

    More generally the German social model has been stress tested by post-modernity and come through with flying colors – no bank crisis, no demographic winter, no ballooning foreign debt. And a country that is unifying not splintering.

    Deutchland uber Argentina.

  2. @Jack Strocchi

    Have you not noticed that people in this country are unifying against the hegemony of the alpha male? I wouldn’t be surprised if you are unable to see this happening.

  3. Apparently there was this Labor bloke, Joe Chamberlain who once said that the Labor party did not come into existence to win elections. He said that it is far better to go into the political wilderness than to support expediency rather than principle.

    There is only a ‘stub’ on wiki for this Joe Chamberlain; this information comes from Geraldine Doogue.

    But from this attitude in the 40’s, that Geraldine Doogue finds hilarious and amazing, the Labor party moved to Gough Whitlam in the ’70’s who said that the impotent may be pure, but it is nonsense to say that defeat is more moral than victory.

    This is the beginning of support for pragmatism and the beginning of the idea of a professional political campaign organized by the professional campaigner. These are a type of man who is prepared to win at all costs.

    And we end up with the election of a ‘Tony Abbot’, a hollow shallow simple man who will also do whatever it takes to ‘win’.

    Geraldine Doogue discusses the rise of these Machine men with academic and author Stephen Mills who has just published “The Professionals: Strategy, Money and the Rise of the Political Campaigner in Australia.”


    Mills and Doogue discuss this idea in terms of these ‘dispassionate experts’ vs the ’emotional partisan’ who is characterised as being the source of the policies.

    This is where they make the category error that leads them to misunderstand the motivations of both their dispassionate experts and emotional partisans.

  4. I was reading somewhere that Coles are launching a mobile phone app linked to their branded credit card that allows you to pay without a card at all.

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