Rabbitohs and memory

In the course of a recent minor tiff on Twitter, accused of bandwagon jumping, I asserted that I had not only supported the Rabbitohs since (just) before their last premiership, but that I was old enough to remember actual rabbitohs, that is, itinerant sellers of rabbit meat. Now I’m wondering whether I’m conflating rabbit as an occasional treat with bottle-ohs, early recyclers who, as the name implies, went door to door collecting bottles. I can definitely remember a bottle-oh with a horse-drawn cart (this would have been around 1960 in Adelaide).

Any other readers of a certain age want to weigh in?

Also, is there a word for Twittertiffs?

52 thoughts on “Rabbitohs and memory

  1. @lesleym

    I don’t recall any rabbitohs in Brisbane. Maybe Brisbane didn’t have them or maybe only those older than I can recall them. I do remember quaint signs like “NO EXPECTORATING” in the butcher’s shop. I had to ask my mum what it meant. This butcher had quite literally a huge cyclindrical stump or block for chopping meat on and sawdust, over tiles I guess, on the butcher’s side of the counter. The customers’ side of the counter had tiles, marble tiles I think.

    Quite a few shops and some residences also sported the NO HAWKERS sign. I had to ask what that too.

  2. BTW, ProfQ, what’s wrong with ‘twittertiff’? Is Twitter really the space for anything more formal?

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