LNP needs a Plan C

There’s been a lot of discussion about the fact that the Queensland LNP needs a Plan B, in case they are returned to government, but Campbell Newman loses his seat of Ashgrove.

No one seems to have noticed that they really need a Plan C, for the case when neither party wins an absolute majority, which would almost certainly imply a loss for Newman. A couple of points arise here

* Both Newman and Labor leader Anna Palaszczuk have ruled out a minority government. But with Newman gone, some other LNP leader might say his position was inoperative

* The Governor needs to call on someone to attempt the formation of a government. That could be Newman, Palaszczuk, some other LNP figure or even an independent.

104 thoughts on “LNP needs a Plan C

  1. @Ikonoclast
    We continually complain about these things but we seem powerless to do anything about them. As you’ve said many times, things change only when some shock occurs (economic, environmental, etc).

    When the next recession does hit (it’s on its way) we can be sure that the reserve bank and the political leaders will do everything they can to keep asset prices high. They have no other option. We’ve been a two trick pony over the last decade. Manufacturing and productive industries have disappeared forever. Meanwhile the poor and middle class will suffer more.

    However the middle class in Oz will not take a drop in living standards lightly. Unlike in the US where liberals just gave up on Obama when he abandoned any semblance of supporting progressive economic policies, Australians will revolt. Expect more one term governments and/or a host of minor parties and independents holding the balance of power.

  2. “Plan C” is looking like it might be a possibility – a slight one.

    If the LNP decisively and convincingly hurl out all the Newman worst offenders and put together a believable front bench and leader they just might be able to convince the three cross-benchers that asset sales are completely off the table, along with the worst of their other “reforms” like anti-rights laws and trashing the judiciary, and would be the best choice to support for a minority government.

    Whoever they decide to back, they should be willing to pull the pin and switch sides at the first sign of the dictatorial rule we saw under Bligh and Newman.

  3. @David C

    I think you might well be right. We certainly have inflated assest prices. By historical comparisons, Australian house prices are about three times what they ought to be relative to the median wage. Current Australian house prices more than nine times median household income.

    Our stock market is inflated too. More on this later. To be continued….

  4. Latest counting is suggesting I was right – Peter Wellington for Premier or for Chair of the House.

    John Chapman
    January 31st, 2015 at 09:28 | #37 Reply | Quote
    Peter Wellington for Premier in that case.
    At least the guy has some integrity.

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