62 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. @Ernestine Gross

    By all means – provide all the context you like. I like reviewing academic smoke and mirrors.

    However, in general, in all contexts, and therefore independetly of context – the canard “we are all directly or directly benefitting from capitalism” is false and is impossible under capitalism.

    You claim of taking out of context dispays the fact you have not understood the issue.

    It is up to you to do better than that.

  2. It is very concerning to read that the Abbott government is preparing for the Paris conference on climate change with an issues paper setting out a pathway to 4 degrees of warming 😦 Surely this is against Australia’s international commitments made previously to stay within 2 degrees…

    “The Climate Institute said that while the government’s intergenerational report made reference to the 2 degree goal, its discussion paper used a global energy scenario that would put the world on track for nearly 4 degrees of warming.

    “The Issues Paper states ‘by 2040, it is estimated that 74 per cent [of the world’s primary energy needs] will still be met by carbon-based sources because of growing demand in emerging economies’,” chief executive John Connor said.

    He said this scenario was based on modelling by the International Energy Agency that assumed countries would only implement existing policies and proposals to cut greenhouse gases.” “

  3. @ZM

    With 4 degrees C or more of global warming most of Australia will be uninhabitable and world civilization will collapse. Full stop, end of story.

    “Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and former climate adviser to the German Chancellor and the EU, asks rhetorically: “What is the difference between two degrees (of temperature increase) and four degrees?”

    “The difference,” he said, “is human civilisation”.” – The Conversation, “Are you ready for a 4 degree world?”

  4. @Ikonoclast Closer to home; why the hell do office buildings and the like have to keep their lights on at night? My mate at the CSIRO says that the energy wasted is staggering but does help to use up the output from coal fired power stations during the wee hours.

  5. Joe :
    Ivor, nothing stopping something like Mondragon under free enterprise.

    Bit too cryptic. Did you mean to refer to capitalist free enterprise, or cooperative enterprise?

    What is your point?

  6. Joe :
    Ivor, Capitalism ‘is’ free enterprise.

    No – you can only make a capitalist profit in the long run if you restrict free enterprise or find some other trick.

    Once there is free enterprise for everyone, all capitalist profit is competed away.

    Capitalists make largest capitalists profits when they hide behind patents, copyrights, and are cocooned inside monopolies and kept safe by friendly governments.

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