103 thoughts on “Sandpit

  1. When the Queensland Government sold the profitable freight arm of the publicly owned and built railways they said:

    “In the long term, a privatised Queensland Rail would be a stronger more sustainable business that will continue to grow and create jobs in Queensland.”

    Today that privatised business announced it will sack over 60% of its remaining workforce (already way down from the size it was when privatised).

    No wonder people hate ALP politicians.

  2. @D

    Hmm, by fortuitous coincidence I was just reading a book review that contained the following comment:

    “When will these voters get it? Maybe never. Author Maria Konnivoka notes in her book The Confidence Game that many victims refuse to admit they’ve been scammed — no matter what the evidence. Indeed, she says, many just keep coming back for more…”

    Of course that was written about Trump voters, and Anna Bligh was only ever a wannabee, but still …

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