7 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. The economics of education has always fascinated me, but the microeconomics of this service industry is poorly understood. Efficiency teats demand least cost approaches to the provision of education services. Yet politicians think it is about science blocks, playing fields and national testing regimes. Imagine if a teacher began to tell a politician how they should lobby for any outcome. Would politicians appreciate it if teachers said it was all about the literacy proficiency and numeracy levels of politicians? And not the long hours they put in and certainly not their
    Care and attention to the needs of individual citizens. Heaven forbid. Hypocracy is okay for politicians; but education providers are asked to do what politicians say in public, not what they do in private. We don’t need any more science labs, sports fields, national tests; and we certainly don’t need unqualified politicians telling highly qualified teacher how to teach.

  2. From the useful Climate Home website (policy focused), a report that two shareholders are suing the Commonwealth Bank of Australia because it “failed to disclose risks it faces that relate to climate change.” With the establishment regulators lining up behind ful risk disclosure, this and similar lawsuits put real pressure on BAU banks.

    The same source reports that the PUC in Sri Lanka has decided against building new coal generating plants before 2037, that is forever. The reasoning is interesting. They had no estimates of externality costs for Sri Lanka, but used studies on other countries to conclude that the externalities were large enough in Sri Lanka to tip the scales in favour of a slightly more expensive plan based on renewables. A rare win for common sense.

  3. humm… Dear Leader better hope that Uncle Don doesn’t have a bad round in New Jersey or it might be more than the 15th green copp’n some hostile tread patterns…

  4. @James Wimberley
    It would be interesting to know if ‘studies of other countries..’ included Australia. A call to the Sri Lankan Commissioner might find out or would diplomatic niceties prevail?

  5. Tony Abbotts recent diatribe on the “end to religious persecution and political correctness” should be a wake up call to the centre and Left. The visceral hate of the Right towards them and anyone else who “is different” is extremely real. Gloves are off and if the “Poll” goes ahead they will have a blank sheet to vent their bile.

  6. Abbott is the Great Wrecker. Or tries to be. For someone so wrapped up in the notion of free speech and of “freedom” more generally, he sure likes to (try to) make everyone else conform to his rules. I tire of this.

    As for terrorist threats, handcuffing us to the USA *before* we have a clue what their strategy is with respect to handling the NK situation, well that’s just reckless. One missile in the wrong direction, one military action too far, and the resultant war would dwarf the number of casualties inflicted upon us by terrorists. Thanks, PM Turnbull.

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