One thought on “Sandpit

  1. This paper was written by Mark Burgess. He is a physicist and invented a way to operate large server farms that is now widely used in server farms throughout the world. He thought about what he had done and with a colleague from a Norwegian University came up with Promise Theory.

    He has now applied the ideas to money, and the draft paper is the result.

    As you know Leon Walras, a French physicist, gave economics a new language in his book “Elements of Pure Economics.” Walras went to the roots of economic theory and made models and theories that reflected what he found there. General equilibrium theory came from his work, as well as the tendency to express economic concepts statistically and mathematically, instead of just in prose.

    Mark would like to get the opinions of economists on the paper. If you have any thoughts on it please put them up here or send them directly to Mark dot Burgess dot oslo dot mb


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