9 thoughts on “Monday Message Board

  1. Interesting see if something substantial comes of the ipsos poll and the madness of the tories.

    I will wait till they are gone before cheering or breathing a sigh of and probably for quite some considerable time after the event.

    They seemed rightly consigned to the desert of irrelevance after 2007, yet against all reason they got back and with Abbott what’s more, as purposeless, neolib infected Labor embarked on its stupid personality based faction fighting.

    Yet by contrast to the last five years, we now see in hindsight how relatively or comparatively successful the Rudd Gillard years were

  2. It seems that Dutton might be ineligible to sit in Parliament because he gets distributions from his wife’s family trust which owns a company which runs two child care centres which receive government subsidies.

    Seems like a stretch to me but who knows how the High Court might rule.

    Story was broken by Channel 10 after being briefed by Malcolm Turnbull’s office undisclosed sources.

  3. Ah well, there you go…

    Dual citizenship proved ignorance is no excuse before the law.

  4. The troglodytes in the Coalition are getting their way by threatening to commit suicide and cross the floor, bringing the government down, But I know there are several rational and principled Liberal MHRs who must know that history is going to spit on the denialists. And they must be willing to cross the floor to keep our (very minimalist) Paris commitments, or even just to retain some hope of keeping their own seats. Not all are as craven as the current PM – the September sittings are going to be very interesting.

    Of course the Coalition has absolutely zero hope of winning an early election, and pretty small hope of winning a later one. In particular the idea of that narrow-minded fool Dutton (I’ve been in meetings with him, so I know) as PM is utterly hilarious.

    Dutton, though, is in no danger from the High Court – his case would have to be referred to it by the government & that aint gonna happen. While when Labour wins he’ll be out of parliament anyway – his seat is very marginal.

  5. Yes, the liberal party of Australia needs one of these entitled “100 disruptive policies and members, present and future.”

    …”But some people have taken the time to analyze the way technology has disrupted our lives, both in the present and the future. Richard Watson and Anna Cupani from Imperial Tech Foresight (ITF), part of the Imperial College London, have not only studied the impact of technology in our lives, they’ve created a helpful chart to show us the 100 most disruptive technological developments in the present and future.”…
    …”Viewing the Table gives us a stark reminder that not all tech developments are positive ones.”…


  6. DD

    Turnbull should call an early election on some ludicrous pretext, like appealing directly to the Australian people over the heads of his party. He would then get the satisfaction of seeing his opponents destroyed. (Of course his supporters would be destroyed too, but it would be a worthy sacrifice.) History would not be kind, but history is not going to be kind to him anyway. He could retire to his mansion in Point Piper with his vast wealth and smirk over the wreckage.

  7. DD, I share your judgement of this craven PM. I’d be impressed if there are even three government MPs willing to cross the floor rather than serve in a government led by open denialists and racists. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  8. *I’d be impressed if there are even three government MPs willing to cross the floor*

    There’s a story in the media this morning that explains it all. The backbenchers are fearful of losing their jobs. Where else can they get a job that pays $200K plus a year? They’ve got home loans and school fees to pay. They aint crossing no floor and bringing down no government.

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