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Hi everyone


As is common for academics of a certain age, I’ve been writing lots of book chapters lately, and several of the books have come out recently.  They include:

Wrong Way: How Privatisation & Economic Reform Backfired, edited by Damien Cahill and Phillip Toner, which is going to be launched at Gleebooks in Sydney on Friday 21st September. I have contributed chapters on electricity reform and productivity.

The Coal Truth, by David Ritter  This isn’t an edited volume but a great piece of writing by David, with additional contributions from lots of people including Tara Moss and Berndt Sellheim, Adrian Burragubba, Lesley Hughes ,Hilary Bambrick, Ruchira Talukdar, Geoffrey Cousins and me.

The SAGE Handbook of Neoliberalism, edited by  Damien Cahill, Melinda Cooper, Martijn Konings and David Primrose. I have a chapter on Neoliberalism: Rise, Decline and Future Prospects. Given the pricing, this is a book for libraries and academic specialists only.

I hope to be back with more regular mailings once I’ve finalised the manuscript of my new book, Economics in Two Lessons.

Best wishes

One thought on “Regular email news

  1. John, I made a post on the Coal and Nuclear Lobby thread and accidentally put my email in the name field. My mistake and I can block any flamers to my email if necessary. But if you could correct my fields in that post that would help. Also, the fields themselves need a bit of auto-checking to stop idiot mistakes like mine. Both fields should need to be filled. The email field should have an email address in it. The name field should NOT have an email address in it. If a character string has any full-stop or any @ sign in it, then it could be assumed to be an email address.

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