4 thoughts on “Headlines are right, sometimes

  1. Don’t feel too bad JQ, the first movable type book ended up “Code-named “the commode,” .

    “there is no mistaking the original 15th-century binding of age-darkened brown calfskin stretched over heavy wood boards. The copy now in Estelle Doheny’s possession is the first issue of the first edition of the first book printed with movable metal type, in near-pristine condition, its pages fresh and clean.”


    It took her 40 years to aquire. A dream library.

  2. Forgot the mist important reference from above!

    Specialist heading writers callled rubricators.
    …” and specialists known as rubricators added chapter titles and headings separate from the text.”…

  3. “And the winner is….

    Typhoon Rips Through Cemetery; Hundreds Dead 

    Did I read that right? ”

    Via a media dragon…

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