33 thoughts on “Sandpit

  1. GB.
    Read carefully, I wrote “allowed to make 200,000 a year.” I am not proposing that everyone be allowed to earn that much. I have in mind trauma surgeons, senior airline pilots (until air travel is outlawed) air traffic controlers, coast guard life guards, professional athletes, especially in sports with high levels of serious injury. civil engineers, and writers of top level TV series that I approve of.
    Of course no spouse of someone who earns that much money needs to bother to work at a paying job.

  2. I am a bit surprised that no one has commented on my tax proposals so far. Either the audiance is to small or the proposal is to obvious to need further comment.

  3. Curt you sound a lot like the assassinated young Governor of Louisiana. Huey Long. But his threshold was much higher. He was happy for people to be rich. But he was a great threat to the oligarchy. Because he wanted to cut them off at 1 million per year, depression era money. He said that they could have their house, their second house, and even their mistress. But at some point the extra money was meaningless to their standard of living and so should be eliminated.

    He only wanted the government to be a little bit bigger than it was in his day. Just a bit of welfare for poorer workers and the unemployed. So hence he was what I would call a small government egalitarian. The oligarchy will tolerate communists. Big government types, small government types. They will tolerate a lot of people. But they will not and cannot tolerate small government egalitarians. So Kingfish had to die.

    We should be almost totally free enterprise for sole traders. But the Misean assumptions start breaking down when their is unemployment in both good times and bad and when there are these big corporations. So there is a lot of room for disagreement outside of the sole trader realm in my view. A lot of room for compromise and discussion. But really we ought to be very free enterprise with small business.

  4. People are dying from unregulated vaping in the US. Unregulated business, big or small, never works. You cannot trust the self-interest motive to care for anyone or anything except self. The Governor of Massachusetts has put a 4 month ban on the sale of all vaping products. Only democratic governance, not self-interested business, can protect the rights and well-being of all people.

    As one health professional, a pulmonary expert, said sarcastically , “Let’s permit the inhaling of a superheated mix of toxic gases, some unknown to science until recently synthesised. Gee, what could go wrong?” – Ikonoclast.

  5. Ikonoclast,
    Perhaps it is even much worse. Can we even expect the self intrests motive to protect “self”. For if self intererst is to be able to protect the self, people would have to know what is or is not in their interest. I charge that most people have been so misindoctrinated that they do not even know what is or is not in their (best) interests. (short term or long term.) They need neo stoic and neo taoist philosophers to dictate to them what is an is not in their interest.
    That is a polite way of saying that they need me and those that I delegate to tell them what is safe and what is not safe for them to have.
    Yes I know that such a statement sounds extraordinairily arrogant. But more importantly it is extraordinairily accurate.

  6. I remembered I needed to add something to my income tax reccommendattion which is that I do favor income averaging over a “several” year period because I do realize that there are businesses which have wild swings income year to year. These farmers for example should not be penalized for having one good year out of three.
    Thank you for your patience in waiting for me to remember that.

  7. “People are dying from unregulated vaping in the US. Unregulated business, big or small, never works.” Yes we want well-regulated markets, not unregulated markets. But putting aside whether a sole trader millionaire could have the economies of scale to provide safer vaping services; Don’t you think if its your name being associated with these injuries, don’t you think you would respond better to these disasters than a big corporate?

    I was in food manufacturing for a couple of decades. And I found we were doing all sorts of things that would hurt the physical and mental health of the final customer. But because we were buying from other corporations, were selling to other corporations and we were ourself a big corporation owned by giant corporations there was nothing I could do.

    So we could have gotten rid of the food acid. Or replaced it with a natural food acid like vitamin C or citric acid. We could have gotten our egg yolks freeze dried rather than spray dried to preserve the excellence of the fat. There was a whole string of things we could have done so that the kids growing up on our gear grew up up healthier and happier. But we were never going to do it. Because that would have taken a moral stance over the interests of our creditors (in 2019 companies respond to creditors, not minority shareholders) and our creditors couldn’t give a toss about the kids.

    I think a sole trader bias would lead to far more ethical business practices. I think we need a few billionaires. So long as all their wealth is wrapped up in single site economies of scale. So you’d have your dirigible manufacturers, your ship-builders. Some of these guys would be billionaires if they paid their land-tax and put their earnings back into their giant factory I’d let them stay billionaires. But drawings? Thats another matter. Maybe a person like that might be paying 70% on drawings. And I think if such a person tried to influence politics he’d have to be slapped down.

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